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40413Re: [podcasters] Where do find music?

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  • Richard Amirault
    Apr 1, 2011
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "ZakRhyno"

      > Try and got many sites that say hey give us money then you can have access
      > which there are to many and I don't get the idea that it a good one to do
      > that. Ideas?

      There are two, seperate, conditions / situations where money is involved.

      First, to pay the author of the song (for his hard work in creating the
      Second, to get access to the song itself.

      You can purchase a song from (say) iTunes, or Amazon ... and that allows you
      to play in on your mp3 player .. but it does NOT allow you to play it on
      your podcast (what is called a "public performance")

      There are people who create music and are willing to forgo a seperate
      royalty payment. Instead they charge a bit more when they sell the song and
      that extra money is enough for them. "Royalty Free" does not mean free to

      There are other folks who, for various reasons .. like they want to get the
      exposure, will create music and not charge royalty and, in addition,
      actually give the song away for free as well. However the number of folks
      who do this are not very many. Also the quality and types of music are

      Richard Amirault
      Boston, MA, USA
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