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40389RE: [podcasters] Playing Clips While Recording, Questions?

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  • ZakRhyno
    Mar 26, 2011
      Why is that? This is 2011 and everything is going the way of computer, why
      have something as a mixer, extra equipment while everything is going the way
      of being more simple. You state faces but don't say why. I have seen some
      software out there but it don't work with Windows 7 or Vista. Also a person
      can have more than one computer to do thing with and not just sue use a main
      system. I was asking for suggests as if the community have heard anything
      as there are over 2000 members. So the odds someone had to seen nothing is
      well low. Also I would have to disagree with you and say that having
      everything on you system is MUCH more easy.

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      On 3/26/2011 12:44 PM, zakrhyno wrote:
      > So far I got the basic idea of how to podcast and how to record. The
      > main issue I would like to do is play bummers, intros, outros and
      > music fading out or in. Now my questions is what software can I run on
      > Windows 7 that will do this for me? I'm not trying to buy hardware to
      > as a mixer is a good idea but my goal is keep it all on my computer. I
      > not sure if I'm making any sense but I thought I put it out here for
      > someone to answer.
      > Thanks
      The plain & simple fact of the matter is we'll all have to eventually
      move our music, bumpers, intros, outros, sweepers & other associated
      stuff OFF of the computer & onto hardware mixers (Especially should
      hardware mixers become advanced enough where they can hold a HARD DRIVE
      or be plugged into one if they don't have this capability already) as
      this would not only look & sound more professional, but would also make
      management MUCH MUCH easier too :D

      This is why MANY podcasters have already made the transition

      Just my opinion.....

      Cheers :D

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