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40278Problem with date on iTunes podcast

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  • marcbelanger16
    Mar 2, 2011
      Hello all,

      I have a podcasting problem that's driving me crazy. Can't find a solution anywhere. And a member of this group recommended that I post my question here. Thanks for any help you can provide.

      Here's the problem:

      I do a podcast called RadioLabour (www.radiolabour.net)

      When I create an rss file so that the podcast will be updated for iTunes . . . the file in iTunes displays the date *as the day before*. Always.

      For example: I uploaded my rss file today with the date March 2, 2011. ( 02/03/2011 ) This is the date both in the rss code and the date of the file on the computer.

      But the file shows on iTunes as March 1, 2011 ( 01/03/2011 )

      This makes it difficult for people to find the correct podcast.

      Any ideas?

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