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40152Re: All the rules for podcasting are wrong.

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  • clay.dugger
    Nov 24, 2010
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      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Eley <SFEley@...> wrote:
      > "Useless" is too harsh, and your appeal to professionalism is excessive. The post you're complaining about was from a personal blog. Most bloggers and podcasters don't have 'professional' aspirations; they do it for personal reward, or to reach informal audiences who are usually willing to tolerate stylistic freedom. There's nothing wrong with that. "Would a professional publication accept this content?" isn't the right question for every piece of prose on the Internet. Some bloggers have different goals, and can achieve them without resorting to the same conventions.

      I concede the "personal reward" aspect. I have a lot of fun with my two podcasts, and make no serious effort to rid myself of my "twang" (as it has been called). I tend to say "fur" instead of "for", for example. I've been working on it, but only because it irritates me, not for any altruistic, or professional reason.

      > Same goes for podcasting. I tried my best to put out a podcast with high standards of content, narrative quality, and engineering. But it's not the only kind of podcast I've listened to and enjoyed, and it'd be a shame if people were discouraged from podcasting because their work didn't meet standards that had nothing to do with their goals.

      > Not directly; I'm mostly just lazy and haven't changed my Gmail signature yet. I do still own the company, though. And it's still a product I consider worth advertising. >8->

      Now, lazy is something I can relate to and see as a benefit.
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