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40106Podcaster Survey

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  • Ed OLoughlin
    Oct 26, 2010

      I've just started developing an online service to help podcasters record
      interviews with remote participants. I was wondering if members of the
      group would be interested in participating in an online survey I created
      to get a better idea of what's important to podcasters who have guests
      participate remotely in their podcasts.

      I'll post my results with the group when I've got enough responses for a
      valid analysis.

      My survey is at http://podcasting.limequery.com/64532/lang-en&s=6
      <http://podcasting.limequery.com/64532/lang-en&s=6> . I would really
      appreciate any participation.

      My motivation for creating this service is as a consumer of podcasts,
      rather than a producer. I listen to a lot of podcasts (mostly tech
      related) and I often get frustrated by podcasts where I can hear the
      host clearly, but can't make out what the guest is saying because they
      are on the other end of a poor phone line or VOIP connection. I imagine
      it's also not that rewarding for podcast producers either.


      Ed O'Loughlin

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