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  • David Smith
    Aug 2, 2010
      Sounds entirely accurate. FWIW, I have three podcasts entirely hosted on
      Libsyn using my paid-for storage space. For a while, though, I was doing
      a half-hour live show on BlogtalkRadio five days a week, -way- too much
      data to fit my account on Libsyn. For that one I stored the files out on
      Archive.org, used a stupid-Libsyn-trick to have entries in those feeds
      point to the Archive files, -and- did what you describe to create a
      separate blog/feed on Blogger.

      Downside of using Archive.org; don't get detailed stats on individual
      episodes, just on my whole pile of files. Feedburner fills the gap there,
      up to a point, -if- they're downloading via the feed.

      It was 29 May 2010, when joshuamcnichols commented:

      > I have enjoyed the free hosting provided by the Internet Archive. They
      > don't charge for bandwidth or anything! I run a pretty small podcast, so I
      > don't know if you'd run into problems with higher volumes of traffic. But
      > from where I sit, it's hard to imagine having to pay for hosting. Here's my
      > how to create a podcast, including instructions for using the free Internet
      > Archive service as your host. Some of this is probably old hat for you more
      > experienced podcasters. But I never found simple advice in one place, so
      > maybe these instructions will help someone else.
      > Here's how I use this service:
      > 1. I upload my mp3s one at a time to the Internet Archive. Bookmark the
      > actual page for your mp3 so you won't lose it.
      > 2. Then, I set up a blog in blogger, and make sure I have "Show Link
      > Fields" enabled in blogger's settings/formatting section.
      > 3. On the page for your mp3 in the internet archive, right-click on the
      > link to the mp3 file and save the url address to your clipboard.
      > 4. Create a new blog entry in blogger. Click on "add enclosure link" to
      > open a field for your podcast url. Paste that url in the the "enclosure
      > link" field.
      > 5. Add a nice photo, and provide a description of the podcast episode.
      > 6. From the internet archive page for your url, copy the "embed" html from
      > beneath the little player. Paste that code at the end of your blog entry,
      > once you've opened the html tab of course. This will embed a handy player
      > on your blog. I find this player better than Podbean because Podbean seems
      > likely to go out of business (I have no evidence except their user
      > interface is messy, except for the player).
      > 7. Publish the completed podcast episode in blogger.
      > 8. At some point in this process (doesn't matter when), go to
      > feedburner.com and "claim" the feed for your blog. Do this simply by
      > pasting the blog's url in feedburner's field when it prompts you.
      > 9. The little RSS icon in the feed you've created will take you to the
      > actual podcast feed. Copy the address of this feed from your address bar.
      > Then go into your blogger's blog settings and designate that URL as your
      > official feed.
      > 10. Repeat until you have a few episodes, then submit it to itunes for
      > listing in their store.
      > Joshua McNichols
      > p.s. please check out my very entertaining podcast!
      > Dayjob: How Musicians Pay the Rent
      > http://dayjobseattle.blogspot.com/
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