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39859Intro, info, and a question

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  • clay.dugger
    Jun 1, 2010
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      Hello, Howdy, and Hi there!

      I am Clay Dugger, from San Antonio, and I am a podcaster.

      Well, a backslidden podcaster.

      Which is kinda funny, as my podcast is a Christian one. Get it? Backsliding?

      Aaaand, that's why I'm not in comedy...

      Either way, my question is this: How do I motivate myself to go into the studio, otherwise known as the "Master Closet", and just do the stinking podcast?

      I've dramatically improved the sound quality, so the first sounds like crap, the last (8th) sounds worlds better. I've gotten used to editing and producing, and I find that I enjoy that part.

      I enjoy the recording, too. I just can't get motivated. Now, to be fair, I'm not getting any feedback from my audience, and the audience is quite small (it is a very narrowly targeted podcast).

      Do you experienced 'casters find that feedback helps motivate you? Or, should it have no effect?

      That all being said, I am also getting started in voice acting. I have been selected to be in the cast rotation for Star Trek:Excelsior, and have been selected for the recurring role of Dr. Ron King in the upcoming "Harry Strange, Paranormal P.I." audio drama. Both of these will start giving me "work" later this year.

      I would like to make myself available for other small parts, if any of you have the need for a male voice. Yes, I know. Male voices are a dime a dozen, and female voices are needed more, but male is what I am. Just can't do anything else.

      I know some of you here, and know OF others. I am happy to have found this group.
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