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  • Stephen Eley
    Mar 28, 2010
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      On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 10:41 PM, Craig Kraemer
      <craigk@...> wrote:
      > I am sure this has been addressed already so please bear with them.
      > Is there a web tracking software that can monitor the duration people
      > listen to my mp3 files?

      It's been tried. There was once a startup called PodBridge that made
      an iTunes plugin that would report back on when you listened, how long
      you listened, etc. They got several million in funding for this in
      2007.[*] They're not around any more.

      Nielsen (the TV ratings people) have also worked on this, and Rob
      Walch and I once wrote up a detailed business plan to tackle the
      problem. Being able to answer "Are people really listening all the
      way through?" is the Holy Grail of podcast advertising. I had some
      interesting ideas on how to hook into the iTunes metadata.

      The basic problem, though, is this: Who's going to install your
      tracking plugin? WHY are they going to install your tracking plugin?

      Put yourself in the place of a casual listener. Would YOU agree to
      let some podcaster's software mess around inside your iTunes? What's
      your immediate visceral reaction to the idea?

      You need to have some motivation for people to voluntarily give up
      some of their privacy. PodBridge tried to do it by locking up the
      podcasts themselves, and making you download the plugin to to get the
      content. They failed. (They were also charging high fees for this
      dumb idea, mostly to corporations.) I believe Nielsen was paying
      people. The plan Rob and I had also involved bribery, but it didn't
      go anywhere.

      These days it's less of an issue; the podcast bubble has popped, and
      no one really believes any more that there are billions to be made in
      podcast advertising, so intrusive analytics don't have any momentum.
      You'll just have to do what every other podcaster does: put your stuff
      out there, and trust that people will listen if they like it.

      [* http://techcrunch.com/2007/04/23/podbridge-podcast-advertising-analytics-gets-8-5-million-series-b/

      Have Fun,
      Steve Eley (sfeley@...)
      ESCAPE POD - The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine
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