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39621Re: [podcasters] that phone interview question again

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  • Calvin Powers
    Feb 12, 2010
      Hey Dave,

      This morning I was able to get Skype 4.1.0 and Total Recorder 8.0 to work
      together fairly easily. (Be sure to read the guide on which drivers to
      install during Total Recorder installation). Total Recorder had a set up
      wizard that set itself up for VOIP as I requested and it all worked fine as
      far as I can tell.I haven't done any official interviews yet. But I did some
      kick the tires testing using Skype Out to another phone and I'm very happy
      with the results.

      I particularly like Total Recorder's ability to separate out the two sides
      of the conversation into a left channel/right channel. This is very helpful
      because I like to isolate the interviewee's responses and re-record my
      questions. By separating the call into left and right channels, I believe
      I'll be able to remove all traces of my part of the conversation on the

      I realize that Skype can be hit or miss in terms of call quality. But so far
      so good.

      I'll look into the cord option too.

      Taproot Music Feed Podcast

      On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 6:50 AM, David Jackson <jammindave@...> wrote:

      > What type of phone do you have? I have a droid (with a headphone out jack).
      > I got a cord at radio shack and went from my phone out to a channel on my
      > board (a few connectors to go 1/8" to 1/4") and now I can add bass and
      > trele
      > to the phone and control the volume with my mixer. I just talk into the
      > phone and my microphone. The output of the mixer goes into the computer, or
      > in my case a Zune H4.
      > The other alternative is Skype out where you can call people's phones. I
      > still get their phone number (as Skype can get weird too) you might have
      > some "can you say that again - skype cut out moments).
      > Dave Jackson
      > www.schoolofpodcasting.com
      > www.twitter.com/learntopodcast

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