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39568Re: [podcasters] Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • C. Hatton Humphrey
    Jan 21, 2010
      > This should work, but it's only theoretical. It'd really depend on how well
      > Talkshoe plays with the external mixer. For example, I have a Tascam FW-1884
      > Firewire mixer. It will work with Skype but Skype will only recognize
      > channel one on the mixer. If the same were to hold true with Talkshoe, this
      > setup wouldn't work. (Also, to clarify - I'm using a Mac.) So, what I'm
      > saying is, I don't have an exact answer for you. But hopefully, this gives
      > you some ideas to work with.

      That does, thanks! I knew it wasn't "pushbutton simple" but it does
      give me a place to start looking! The good thing is that I'm already
      using a directed input to the show using X-Lite to dial in.

      To paraphrase Erk, there seem to be as many different solutions as
      there are wire colors. Figuring out which one will work best (and
      simplest) is going to be the fun challenge!

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