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39567Re: [podcasters] Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • Shawn Thorpe
    Jan 20, 2010
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      I don't see any reason why you should stop using Talkshoe if it's worked
      well for you so far. As far as your technical requirements go, you may be
      able to work it out by using an external USB/Firewire mixer with an Aux Send
      control (like the Alesis MultiMix series of mixers). The setup would look
      something look this:
      1.) Host uses standard audio mic (not a USB mic) connected to the mixer.
      2.) Co-host VOIP's into host's computer. His audio (along with the audio
      from pre-recorded clips, etc.) is sent from the built-in audio output of the
      host's computer into a channel on the external mixer.
      3.) Talkshoe is set to use the external mixer as its "input device."
      4.) Create a mix-minus signal using the Aux Sends of the mixer, zeroing out
      the Send of the channel that the co-host is on and connect that to the
      built-in audio input of the host's computer. Send that mix-minus signal to
      the host's VOIP software so he can communicate with the co-host and not have
      to worry about feedback issues. NOTE: This setup will likely eliminate the
      co-host's ability to hear the pre-recorded audio, if that matters.

      This should work, but it's only theoretical. It'd really depend on how well
      Talkshoe plays with the external mixer. For example, I have a Tascam FW-1884
      Firewire mixer. It will work with Skype but Skype will only recognize
      channel one on the mixer. If the same were to hold true with Talkshoe, this
      setup wouldn't work. (Also, to clarify - I'm using a Mac.) So, what I'm
      saying is, I don't have an exact answer for you. But hopefully, this gives
      you some ideas to work with.

      On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:00 AM, C. Hatton Humphrey <chumphrey@...>wrote:

      > I should have prefaced the variety of things that I'm using Talkshoe for -
      > it helps to set all the facts out ahead of time and I apologize for not
      > doing so.
      > We make use of Talkshoe for a few reasons:
      > * No need to handle the recording aspect of things. This was the biggest
      > asset for us as when we started the show my co-host did not have a computer
      > at his disposal during recordings and mine was unreliable. The computer
      > issues have since been resolved but we don't want to make too many changes.
      > * Coming in a close second is the reduced (but not removed) need to edit.
      > Time is not something that I have an overabundance of and my past
      > podcasting endeavors have always included a volume of editing that I never
      > seemed to have time to do. By making the decision *not* to edit unless
      > specifically required, I ensure that we actually have a show that comes out
      > weekly.
      > * The call, as it is being recorded, can be streamed live into SecondLife,
      > where we have an audience that interacts with the show. BTR does NOT allow
      > this... I've tried ;)
      > * We can take calls during the recording of the show without pre-arranging
      > them. Most of the time this is a good thing.
      > So the question really is what equipment can I use to make the show sound
      > good on TalkShoe with the assumption that both my co-host and I are able to
      > VoIP in? I still need to be able to play audio clips into the recording,
      > which could be done from another computer (and another VoIP connection) if
      > needed. Removing the "live recording" aspects - the text chat, audio stream
      > and call-in capabilities - would be counterproductive.
      > Thanks again for the comments!
      > Hatton
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      -Shawn Thorpe
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