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39565Re: [podcasters] Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • C. Hatton Humphrey
    Jan 20, 2010
      > I love what I call button pushing software and making promos. There is
      > nothing better than being able to do that live and to do it well to save on
      > editing time.
      Ahh... gotcha .. I think.

      Actually, I will confess that my "real job" title is technologist - which
      where I work translates to, "he who handles anything with a plug." I'm a
      programmer (VB.NET, ColdFusion & SQL), a hardware tech, network
      administrator and contractor-wrangler.

      As far as podcasting as a whole goes, I've only done one other project and
      that was where I killed myself editing. Now there are few times when I
      actually go in and edit and they all focus around catastrophic problems
      during recording.

      And this sort of discussion is a reason I love podcasting so much. There is
      > not one single way of doing things.

      So long as we don't start extolling the virtues of various Linux
      distributions, I'm good with that!


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