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39563Re: [podcasters] Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • C. Hatton Humphrey
    Jan 20, 2010
      > Button pushing software - woo hoo! LOL
      > Must have missed the inside joke there (*shrug*)

      > A multi-channel mixer will give you a lot more control over your audio. As
      > Mike S said a moment ago, I used to do a live show. My mixer has separate
      > channels for each person (I usually now run with 2 people in the studio but
      > can run up to 6 with each person having their own channel) as well as a
      > separate channel for the computer and a separate channel for Skype. All of
      > these channels have on/off switches so I can control them as needed. Not
      > all
      > mixers can do this and it might be overkill for your situation.
      My original thought process was to have my co-host call me on Skype and then
      mix him, myself and the audio clips together using a Firewire or USB mixer
      (I have both available) and then feed that audio in to the TalkShoe call
      over a single VoIP connection.

      What I couldn't wrap my head around was getting the audio from TalkShoe back
      IN so we could hear what callers were saying. Maybe it's as simple as an
      audio cord from the laptop back in to a mixer channel that is fed back to
      myself and my co-host in some way. I have two laptops at my disposal so if
      I needed another audio input one is available.

      I'm going to investigate that PodProducer software to see what I can do with
      it. At the least it might let me condense my side down to a single VoIP
      connection. Not sure though.

      On the editing end of thing - I was actually spending two to three minutes
      editing for every minute of recording. As you say, doing a live show helps
      with that but there are times even now when I still have to edit things (dog
      barks, daughters coming down stairs asking for water, etc).

      While I know the result that I want to have, the one that that I do know is
      that I'm no audio engineer. Thanks again for all the advice and


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