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39561Re: [podcasters] Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • C. Hatton Humphrey
    Jan 20, 2010
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      I should have prefaced the variety of things that I'm using Talkshoe for -
      it helps to set all the facts out ahead of time and I apologize for not
      doing so.

      We make use of Talkshoe for a few reasons:
      * No need to handle the recording aspect of things. This was the biggest
      asset for us as when we started the show my co-host did not have a computer
      at his disposal during recordings and mine was unreliable. The computer
      issues have since been resolved but we don't want to make too many changes.

      * Coming in a close second is the reduced (but not removed) need to edit.
      Time is not something that I have an overabundance of and my past
      podcasting endeavors have always included a volume of editing that I never
      seemed to have time to do. By making the decision *not* to edit unless
      specifically required, I ensure that we actually have a show that comes out

      * The call, as it is being recorded, can be streamed live into SecondLife,
      where we have an audience that interacts with the show. BTR does NOT allow
      this... I've tried ;)

      * We can take calls during the recording of the show without pre-arranging
      them. Most of the time this is a good thing.

      So the question really is what equipment can I use to make the show sound
      good on TalkShoe with the assumption that both my co-host and I are able to
      VoIP in? I still need to be able to play audio clips into the recording,
      which could be done from another computer (and another VoIP connection) if
      needed. Removing the "live recording" aspects - the text chat, audio stream
      and call-in capabilities - would be counterproductive.

      Thanks again for the comments!


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