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39558Re: Need Advice: Multi-Location Talkshoe Hardware

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  • globetable
    Jan 20, 2010
      Sounds like part of the problem is you are recording in stereo. It is better to assign each of you to your own track and then pan accordingly. I have a Edirol UA-2B and hooking it up to Vista is a pain - requiring a full reboot with it plugged in on my machine. Then it works great. The nice thing about this route is it is easy to also plug a mixer into a USB capture device. This way you could have several guests in a room with you and still have a channel left over for calls, or not and just plug in a mic and you are good to go.

      I tried a couple of USB mics with Vista and they sounded like crap, so my advice there is to handle any box you get with care.

      You could also consider the firewire route, this would give you more mixing channels to work with.

      The biggest audio problem you have is your partner's cell phone. Getting some people to cooperate with Skype is a real problem and he may one of those people who can not physically bring themselves to talk through a computer. Something else to think about. My real advise is to see if you can get him off his cell phone before you spend one dime.

      If you are both on Skype no need for the $3.00 a month fee right out of the gate. I recommend buying $10.00 worth of time. If you burn through it in less than three months, then consider the recurring fee.

      Also record to .wav and then mix down. These days with infinite storage there is no excuse not to record your audio in the correct capture format.

      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "C. Hatton Humphrey" <chumphrey@...> wrote:
      > > Now, is your co-host in the same room with you? It's unclear to me, based on
      > > your post if the two of you are together, or if your co-host is in a remote
      > > location. If the two of you are in the same room, and Talkshoe does allow
      > > for a VOIP connection, Then I'd recommend a USB-based mixer with a couple
      > > (non-USB) microphones connected to it. You may need to employ a second
      > > computer to play the sound clips. Just depends on whether or not you can
      > > "separate" the way your computer handles audio I/O with your laptop's
      > > built-in audio and the USB mixer. I'm not familiar enough with Windows Vista
      > > to say for sure what's possible there.
      > TalkShoe does have a VoIP connection option - I use one now for
      > playing sound clips. My goal is to move to using all VoIP for myself,
      > the sound clips and my co-host. He's in a different state (sorry,
      > should have mentioned that before).
      > The issue with Vista that I've found so far is that while I can use
      > the "stereo mix" as an audio source for my VoIP client, that then
      > removes my ability to use the microphone in. Perhaps with the USB mic
      > providing its own audio driver I can work around that - it's going to
      > be an interesting challenge!
      > Thanks for the comments so far!
      > Until Later!
      > C. Hatton Humphrey
      > http://www.eastcoastconservative.com
      > No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large
      > number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
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