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39435Re: Duplicate content problem?

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  • angelomandato
    Nov 2, 2009
      I've been thinking about this for a few months now. The problem is with
      the feeds getting crowded with so much content you have to set a limit
      to 50 items per feed or else the feed size exceeds 500K. You definitely
      don't want your feed to exceed this size, directories and even
      FeedBurner will complain that the feed is too large or/and that it takes
      too long to download.

      I've been thinking about adding an option to Blubrry PowerPress
      <http://www.blubrry.com/powerpress/> (Podcasting plugin for WordPress)
      to provide an extended, slimmed down podcast feed. Basically if you can
      trim down the amount of information in the feed, your feed could include
      a lot more post items. I know there is value in having full post
      descriptions and iTunes tags such as keywords, subtitle, summary,
      explicit, etc... but if there was an option to trim this information
      after say the first 10 episodes it would allow you to set your items per
      feed setting to something like 500, which would keep your evergreen
      content in the feed. What would be a good threshold, first 10 include
      all the tags, then 11-500 include shorter summaries and only the
      essential iTunes tags? Would this need to be a setting each podcaster
      could decide? Anyone have any thoughts?


      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Michael B" <michael.britt@...>
      > I've got an idea I wanted to get some feedback on. I've got a lot of
      episodes now (108) and the episodes are evergreen. Every once in a
      while an event in the news will relate to an old episode, but because
      there are so many of them I fear that the older ones are getting lost in
      the Wordpress blog and the connection to the news event isn't obvious .
      So what about this: what if I start up another web site in which I
      briefly write about the current event and then point visitors to the
      relevant episode on my main site? That's okay, right? I remember
      hearing about the problem of "duplicate content" (which I don't fully
      understand) and I wasn't sure if this scenario fit that issue.
      > Thoughts/feedback welcome,
      > Michael
      > Michael Britt
      > michael@...
      > www.thepsychfiles.com

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