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39425Re: [podcasters] Garageband 2 Help

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  • Ben Straw
    Oct 31, 2009
      Gargebands recording time is determined by the BPM.
      Garageband 1 and 2 records
      a 4/4 project at 120BPM can record/play for 00:33:16
      a 4/4 project at 60BPM can record/play for 01:06:32,
      and a 12/8 project at 60BPM can record/play for 01:39:48

      Garageband 3
      a 120BPM project can record/play for 01:06:36
      a 60BPM project can record/play for 02:13:12
      a 40BPM project can record/play for 03:19:48

      '08 and '09
      a 120BPM project can record/play for 5:33:16
      a 60BPM project can record/play for 11:06:32
      a 40BPM project can record/play for 16:39:48

      as far as running iLife '09 on your mac I would consult the system requirements http://www.apple.com/ilife/systemrequirements.html
      When you go to upgrade Tiger(10.4) to Leopard(10.5) I would look to see if amazon.com or ebay.com has a cheap copy

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      From: Stephen Eley <SFEley@...>
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      Subject: Re: [podcasters] Garageband 2 Help

      On the first: the standard answer at the time was to set the tempo
      really really *slow*. Whatever the minimum beats per minute was. Then
      the 999 measures stretches out to a few hours.

      Leopard: I'd offer you mine, but I'm still running it on one machine. Try eBay?

      On Saturday, October 31, 2009, thatbluejeansguy
      <thatbluejeansguy@ gmail.com> wrote:
      > I had a listener recently give me his Power PC Mac Mini--which means I've made the jump from PC to Mac.
      > I'm loving the new system, but I have a couple of challenges, though:
      > 1. I have Garageband 2, which seems to have a timeline limitation of 999. I can record beyond that time, but nothing shows beyond that and I can't edit beyond that.
      > 2. I have MacOS 10.4 (not sure what animal that was), and since I have a Power PC Mac, I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard.
      > Does anybody know of a way to get around challenge #1, and if that's not possible, anybody know of a way to get my hands on a legitimate copy of Leopard? I have a nice, shiny new copy of iLife '09 that might as well be a coaster right now without Leopard.
      > Any and all help will be appreciated. Consulting the discussions on Apple.com did not help.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > David Byrd
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