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39423Garageband 2 Help

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  • thatbluejeansguy
    Oct 31, 2009
      I had a listener recently give me his Power PC Mac Mini--which means I've made the jump from PC to Mac.

      I'm loving the new system, but I have a couple of challenges, though:

      1. I have Garageband 2, which seems to have a timeline limitation of 999. I can record beyond that time, but nothing shows beyond that and I can't edit beyond that.

      2. I have MacOS 10.4 (not sure what animal that was), and since I have a Power PC Mac, I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard.

      Does anybody know of a way to get around challenge #1, and if that's not possible, anybody know of a way to get my hands on a legitimate copy of Leopard? I have a nice, shiny new copy of iLife '09 that might as well be a coaster right now without Leopard.

      Any and all help will be appreciated. Consulting the discussions on Apple.com did not help.

      Thanks in advance,

      David Byrd
      Producer of "That Blue Jeans Guy" and "David's Salon" podcasts
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