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  • Kenn Crawford
    Sep 16, 2009
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      I am not a college student but still a cheap bastard LOL My budget is very
      limited right now when it comes to buying more gear so the less I have to
      spend the better :) Maybe I could swap one of my studio mics for a recorder

      I checked the Canadian site for the Olympus recorder and they don't have it
      (discontinued). Not sure if the US site delivers to Canada and if it does,
      when all is said and done, the price goes way up. Shipping is higher and
      then taxes and duty are added at the border and that kills us :(
      I checked ebay for the olympus and there was 1 for 99 bucks.

      I live out in the country and my only internet option is dialup and it is
      painfully slow. Top speed is 26.4 Kbps, which means roughly half and hour to
      download an MP3 LOL What's worse is the high speed lines stop about 2
      kilometers from where I live (about a mile) with no plans to extend coverage
      in the near future. That sucks! Anyway, looking for stuff on sites that are
      content rich, like ebay and music stores, is sloooowwwww.... type in a
      search, go make a coffee LOL so that is why I was hoping to get some ideas
      to narrow down my search.

      I just thought of something...has anyone ever tried using a cellphone as a
      recorder? I have a Blackberry Pearl and a Rumour with an 8 gig SD card. I
      think the rumour has the headset option....I wonder if using one of them
      would work or would it sound too tinny? I should charge them up and try it
      just for giggles :)

      Just thinking out loud, thanks for the options so far

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      From: "Steve Riekeberg" <missingintellect@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 8:06 PM
      Subject: Re: [podcasters] Remote Recording

      > If you're a cheap bastard--err, I mean, college student--like me, while
      > you'd have to go the eBay route since they were discontinued, it still
      > might
      > be worth looking to see if you can pick up a used iRiver IFP 700 or 800
      > series. I got an IFP-895 off of eBay about 2 years ago for $20 shipped,
      > not
      > bad, especially when paired with an external mic, in my case an
      > inexpensive
      > handheld. (Note: What makes these specific models special is they support
      > external microphones; while some newer players have input jacks, few
      > support
      > external microphones, usually just line in.) It's old school--and,
      > admittedly, I didn't look up what one of these used iRivers are going
      > for--but I thought I'd throw it out there as it still might be worth
      > considering for the budget conscious. Regardless of what portable
      > recorder,
      > depending on the environment, a handheld might be the way to go,
      > especially
      > if you're looking to record interviews in noisy areas such as trade shows
      > or
      > conventions.
      > Have fun,
      > Steve Riekeberg
      > Host, Geek Cred
      > <http://www.geekcred.net>
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