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39233Re: [podcasters] Re: Suggestions for subscriber prizes?

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  • David Smith
    Aug 15, 2009
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      It was 12 Aug 2009, when writerpatrick commented:

      > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "kscolligan" <kscolligan@...> wrote: > >
      > Hi all, > > We just added userpoints on WellToldTales.com. Post a comment,
      > get 5 points. Post a short story or video, get 25 points, etc. > > Any
      > other ideas for prizes? Have any other podcasts doled out prizes with any
      > level of success?
      > A cheap prize could be something like a bookmark. You could have a bunch of
      > bookmarks printed up and send them out in regular envelopes.
      > Another possiblity is to create your own anthology of the winners. You
      > could send it around to publishers to see if they're interested, and if not
      > you could use something like Lulu to publish it yourself. It costs nothing
      > if you just publish it as an e-book, although they charge a reasonable fee
      > for an ISBN number if you want to publish it as a POD on Amazon. It just
      > might take a year before you have enough material, but the revenues (if
      > there's much) could be used to help support the podcast.

      Along with my storytelling podcast and audiobooks, I also do a music
      podcast, and was recently asked by Ariel Publicity if I wanted any CDs
      from their artists to give away as prizes and such. If their artists have
      music that suits your podcast's style, play a bit of it with appropriate
      attribution and links, and you have your prizes. Should work.


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