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39063Cheap Storage - too good to be true?

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  • joshuamcnichols
    Jun 3, 2009
      Is this too good to be true? Here's my analysis of Amazon's S3 web
      hosting service. My limited series of podcasts on Composting will be
      about 200 MB. To upload our files, it would cost $0.10 dollars per GB
      x .2 GB (size of entire series) = $0.02 to upload. To store our files,
      it would cost $0.15 per GB x .2 GB = $0.03 per month Each time someone
      downloads the entire series, it would cost $0.17 per GB x .2 GB = $0.03.
      What could possibly go wrong? I suppose if my podcast went viral, I'd
      lose lots of money, but c'mon, it's a regional podcast about composting!
      If that goes viral I'll eat my hat. I figure the non-profit for whom
      I'm producing this podcast (as a volunteer) will get a bill of less than
      a dollar a month from Amazon S3. My webbie will create an RSS feed
      page from the Amazon S3 page. In contrast, Libsyn will cost us $12 a
      month if we want statistics, and we're paying for loads of storage we
      don't need. Amazon S3 will have to at least give us download stats,
      since that's how they figure the bill!
      * Does anyone foresee any problems with this?
      * Can my calculations possibly be correct? Or are there hidden

      Thanks for all your help. This group rocks.

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