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38907Re: [podcasters] Field recorder

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  • Richard Amirault
    Apr 5, 2009
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      From: "Kelly Pierce"

      >A few years ago I bought a Sony minidisc recorder. I use the Sony MZ-b100
      > for all my field recording. With the L2 setting, I can record slightly
      > more than 2.5 hours of audio at a time. I use and prefer a dynamic
      > microphone so phantom power is not an issue for me. What I like about
      > this
      > recorder and the recordings of most minidisc recorders is the very low
      > noise floor. There is very little noise created by the recorder itself on
      > the recording.

      Yes, but ... your minidisc recorder has a major flaw .. you cannot access
      the digital recording .. other than playing it back, in real time, in
      analog, thru the speaker jack.

      Richard Amirault
      Boston, MA, USA
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