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  • Martin McKeay
    Apr 4, 2009
      Most often when I'm recording with the Zoom H4, it's in a crowded convention
      hall and the last thing I'm worried about is the sound floor of the Zoom.
      Not to discount that this is an important issue to some, but for my
      purposes, it's a non-issue. It's wasn't even one of the things I was
      thinking about when I got the H4. I will say that I find the built in mics
      on the H4 to be nearly unusable due to their sensitivity, but coupled with a
      Shure PG58, the Zoom is a great portable podcasting rig for me. For the my
      micropodcasting rig, I use an iRiver 795 with a Giant Squid stereo mic. The
      combo looks like someone's pipe at first glance. It's also incredibly
      sensitive, but when I need something in an emergency, it works. I will
      admit I'm usually more worried about just getting the interview or
      conversation than I am about the quality.


      Martin McKeay, CISSP, QSA, GSNA
      Host of the Network Security Blog and Podcast
      Cell: 707-495-7926

      On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Kelly Pierce <kellytalk@...> wrote:

      > A few years ago I bought a Sony minidisc recorder. I use the Sony MZ-b100
      > for all my field recording. With the L2 setting, I can record slightly
      > more than 2.5 hours of audio at a time. I use and prefer a dynamic
      > microphone so phantom power is not an issue for me. What I like about this
      > recorder and the recordings of most minidisc recorders is the very low
      > noise floor. There is very little noise created by the recorder itself on
      > the recording. By contrast, the Zoom recorders have noticeable noise
      > floors. When even the new N4 was compared to minidisc, the noise floor was
      > much better compared to the other Zoom recorders but still noticeable
      > compared to minidisc.
      > I have been disappointed with digital field recorders because the sound
      > floor is much higher and they seem not to be of the same quality of
      > minidisc recorders of the same price range. I have been looking out for
      > recorders in the event I need to replace my minidisc recorder. I admit
      > that real-time transfer to a computer required by the minidisc technology
      > is a hassle at times. I would prefer a digital recorder if the experience
      > to the listener would be comparable to minidisc and my wallet would not be
      > strenuously wounded. I believe the Sony PCM D50 comes closest to the
      > minidisc sound at a pricepoint that is similar to the cost of my minidisc
      > recorder, when adjusted for inflation.
      > If you want quality recordings, consider this recorder. I believe the Zoom
      > recorders create excessive background noise. The downside of the Sony PCM
      > D50 is that it uses four double A batteries to power itself compared to the
      > single double A battery of minidisc recorders. I consider this a minor
      > negative when the ability to have quality .wav recording at an affordable
      > price is considered.
      > Kelly

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