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38548Re: [podcasters] Re: PBS, NPR, and iPod/YouTube

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  • Dan Hughes
    Feb 5, 2009
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      Dave says, "But when you say that "video is easier for the great
      majority of the audience," I really think you are making a huge
      generalization that may well not have the tiniest basis in fact."


      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for outlining your podcast download process. I'm sure there are
      many others who do the same or similar.

      Still, I think we are in the minority when compared to the number of
      people who watch YouTube. I recently retired as a college instructor
      teaching radio broadcasting, and even my radio students were heavily into
      YouTube, few if any into podcasts.

      Subject matter may have a lot to do with it - there are more familiar
      (but bootleg) videos on YouTube than bootleg songs in podcasts.

      Ask ten computer users at random if they watch YouTube, then ask them if
      they listen to podcasts - what numbers would you expect?


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