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38541Re: PBS, NPR, and iPod/YouTube

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  • essential_pepsi
    Feb 4, 2009
      I think the ultimate goal is to get your content out there no matter what.

      It's not necessarily about which tool is better than the others, but
      about using all the tools that might be useful and deciding which
      content (and in what format) to put out there...

      If you can integrate video to draw attention to your podcast (for
      example, I have a podcast on business ethics for new professionals...
      and I could do a youtube video on how to tie a tie or on how to
      determine if someone is lying to you...)

      http://12seconds.tv/ is a great tool for this purpose. Like twitter
      with video, you only get 12 seconds to get your point out - perfect
      for a crazy commercial for your podcast.

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