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38534Re: Feed posts repeating as "new" on iTunes and Google Reader

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  • P.G. Holyfield
    Feb 4, 2009
      With the help of Mike Wills and Chris Miller, we've figured out the
      issue. The guid for certain items in my RSS are being changed from a
      URL to a number... a number that is updating every few hours for some
      reason. Some feed readers don't care about it, but others (like iTunes
      and Google Reader) use this field to see if a post is new.

      I've written an email to Dan to see if he's seen this before. I know
      this same issue affected Dave Slusher's RSS, so I'm not alone in this.
      I really don't want to go away from podpress, but right now I've got
      listeners that have 43 copies of my latest post in Google Reader and
      six copies of ep. 39 in iTunes. Argh.

      --P.G. Holyfield


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