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35880Erk Pod Round Table 3 held Saturday 29 March 2008 - questions and report

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  • Erk Pod
    Mar 31, 2008
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      G'day everyone!

      I recorded the latest Round Table format of Erk Pod on Saturday which is
      Round Table #3. This is our longest Round Table every at around 4 hours & 45
      minutes! During the show, we covered a wide range of topics and had a range
      of people involved either in the studio or via Skype. There was a few people
      calling in Skype > Skype, one Skype Out > VOIP, one Skype Out > mobile. I
      noticed that the Skype Out to mobile phone was noisy in the background (and
      he wasn't talking) when my mobile person was, well, mobile, because he was
      shopping at the time!

      The day before the Round Table, I decided that I was going to add a live
      component to the show via uStream. I have seen this done before by Todd and
      Australia's own 2 Web Crew but this was the first time that I had done this
      myself. I decided to run it without promotion so the main way you'd know
      about it was to be on my website at the time of the recording. I also
      decided not to add the chat room option this time. Because my lap top has
      the webcam, most of the footage was of me during the podcast because I like
      to keep an eye on things during the recording as well as needing to use
      Skype etc. Maybe next time I might move it around for a while. Some of my
      guests got onto the website and had a look at the stream and thought that it
      was OK and spoke about having it next time as well. Afterwards I saw that
      Shawno had visited at the time and noticed no chat room. Maybe next time....

      Overall I think that the Round Table went well. Of course, there are things
      that need to improve in relation to audio quality at both my end and also my
      guests ends and we are working on that. Skype was pretty good and hardly
      dropped out and the audio quality at my end was pretty good considering I
      was running Skype, doing the occasional web surf and upstreaming to uStream.

      I also used my Zoom H4 for the first time connected from the Control Room
      headphones to the input of the H4 but it only picked up the voices of those
      in the studio, not those on Skype. That could have been my fault as I am not
      sure if I pressed the buttons to send the signal to the Control Room.


      1 - is there a way to control each person's audio coming in via Skype? Some
      were louder than others, some needed to be boosted and maybe some muting
      needed to be done.

      2 - At one stage before recording, I could not answer people calling my
      Skype In number for some reason. So I very quickly got some Skype Out

      3 - Would streaming to uStream have affected my audio?

      4 - Is it possible to save the uStream myself and then edit it so I can cut
      off the before and after bits and also split the files up? Important lesson

      5 - Anyone know of a good online guide to Adobe Audition?

      I'm learning with every podcast! Feel free to listen, the first two parts of
      the Round Table are up on my website. Full show notes and parts 1/2 are on
      http://erkpod.wordpress.com/round-table/erk-pod-round-table-3/ and I welcome
      any comment or feedback. Thanks, everyone!

      Sydney, Australia

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