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  • Flyswatter
    Jan 2, 2008
      I got mine from Amazon for $181 U.S. It comes with a small desk stand and
      mic stand adaptor and can use a camera tripod. It also uses SD cards, which
      are cheap and readily available and is powered by 2 AA batteries or an
      included power adaptor. It also comes with a windscreen so you can record
      outside without wind noise. The size? Small. It easily fits in your hand.


      On Jan 2, 2008 11:46 AM, Kevin Gibson <kevingib@...> wrote:

      > April,
      > The Zoom H2 is a stand alone recorder that will work great for your
      > application. Bulky is a relative term, but I would not classify the H2 as
      > bulky. It will record well from the podium as you are speaking -- and you
      > can power it with batteries, so there are no cords for you to worry about.
      > There are probably a myriad of places to purchase the Zoom, here is one
      > place you might try:
      > http://www.fullcompass.com/product/335840.html
      > Cheers,
      > Kevin Gibson
      > Thanks all for your comments. I can see this is not the way to go...but
      > the Zoom doesn't seem to be available in any store here (Canada) so
      > where/how is the best way to buy this and...is it something that you can
      > just set down on a podium while you are talking or do you have to use a mic
      > and have it on me while I give a presentation? It looks a little bulky but
      > its hard to tell from the shots.
      > thanks again,
      > April
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      > From: "April L Clay"
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      > > RR-US500
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      > Do yourself a favor and stay away from this. This is commonaly called a
      > "digital voice recorder" and while it is decent for recording notes in a
      > classroom or a business meeting it is not high enough quality for what
      > most
      > folks would want for podcasting.
      > I have two similar units by Olympus. If I remember correctly, it records
      > in
      > it's own format, but when you upload it to your computer it converts it to
      > wav files. You then have to convert *that* to mp3 if you want.
      > The Zoom H-2 would be your best bet.
      > Richard Amirault
      > Boston, MA, USA
      > http://n1jdu.org
      > http://bostonfandom.org
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7hf9u2ZdlQ
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