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  • Paul Bowling
    Jan 1, 2008
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      I just began using the Zoom H4 with an Azden 300 series wireless mike
      with great success. I'm using it for seminars and training. I use the
      bodypack for myself and the plug in Mic transmitter for questions from
      the attendees. It records as a MP3 on a SD card and transfers nicely to
      Audacity. I haven't used it to connect directly to my notebook as I
      usually have my PP presentation on it. I like to keep it simple so it
      easier for me to record on the SD and transfer it. The entire set up is
      very portable, easy and quick to set up and take down. I use
      rechargeable batteries (AA & 9V) and have the entire set up packs in a
      Pelican case.

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      Subject: [podcasters] recording devices..

      Hello all and Happy New Year!

      After some time away from the list, I am ready to jump back in! Enough
      procrastinating, I am ready to get my first podcast together!

      I do have a question for you all- I am wanting a device to record
      interviews with guests AND something that can clearly pick up talks that
      I give as well. I figure I could use all or portions of these as

      What would you recommend? Ease of use would be nice...like easy
      integration with audacity and/or easy conversion to MP3 format.

      Thanks in advance,

      April Clay, M.Ed, R. Psych.
      Body Mind & Motion
      "mental skills for sport and life"

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