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32996Re: [podcasters] No Worry Laura!

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  • Brian Richardson - WhatTheCast?
    Sep 27, 2007
      Same here ... I'm too busy making DVDs to go to a convention about new
      media. I'll just keep making media while other talk about it :)

      Have fun & post pictures of Steve Eley when he gets tipsy ... br

      On Thu, 27 Sep 2007 10:42 am, Derek Colanduno wrote:
      > Don't worry Laura you aren't alone! Neither Myself, or Swoopy can
      > justify
      > spending the money to go to the PNME. Not to mention we are both still
      > recovering from the Dragon*Con madness! Swoopy is now ALMOST over her
      > NERD
      > Flu she got at D*C.... So, even IF we went, she'd be useless and end up
      > getting people sick...
      Brian Richardson
      - http://siliconchef.com
      - http://dragoncontv.com
      - http://whatthecast.com
      - http://www.3chip.com
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