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  • Todd Cochrane
    Jun 4, 2007
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      The question that needs to be asked, did FeedBurner have the same clause in
      their TOS before the acquisition. Not sure I would ever give up the rights
      to the data I create to a third party just to use a service.


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      And Google owning it, is different than FeedBurner owning it how?

      Todd Cochrane wrote:
      > If you want to see what some of the changes are then read a notice all
      > members are getting
      > http://www.geeknews <http://www.geeknewscentral.com/archives/007073.html>
      > <http://www.geeknews <http://www.geeknewscentral.com/archives/007073.html>
      central.com/archives/007073.html> not
      > sure I want my data rights given to Google.
      > _____
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      > It was 4 Jun 2007, when marshallkirkpatrick commented:
      > > Here's a post on how and why to use Feedburner. got enough inbound links
      > > that it's the #1 google result for both questions
      > > http://marshallk.
      > <http://marshallk. <http://marshallk.com/how-and-why-to-use-feedburner>
      > <http://marshallk. <http://marshallk.com/how-and-why-to-use-feedburner>
      > com/how-and-why-to-use-feedburner
      > Thanks, and I did take a look at it. I'm down with using Feedburner. I
      > may even have everything working correctly on my (Libsyn) podcast and
      > (Blogger) blog feeds. I'm using most of the features I could figure out.
      > I'm just worried about what might change with Feedburner owned by Google.
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