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  • Dan Kuykendall
    Jun 4, 2007
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      this blog post just screams out for a rebuttal to crappy reasons listed.

      1) There are plenty of stats plugins to every popular blogging platform
      out there. The way this is phrased makes it seem like only feedburner
      gives you this data

      2) Actually, I find it the opposite. With IE7 and Firefox2 which have
      RSS readers and dont use the stylesheet anymore... the feedburner pages
      are standard and all the template stuff with the helpful info is
      completely lost. This lack of control is exactly why feedburner tends to
      be a bad choice

      3) Again, this is easy to accomplish on popular blogging platforms.

      4) These features are also available in other popular blogging
      platforms. And there is no need to manage separate settings and
      additional steps if you just have users go to your direct feed

      5) As long as you maintain domains you wont lose subscribers. But if
      your using feedburner and then decide to stop... you will certainly lose
      some subscribers. And now that they are owned by google, Im even more
      wary of the havoc they can reap.

      Additionally feedburner has caused so many problems for people its
      amazing its still as popular as it is. I know software has bugs, and
      podPress has caused some feed errors from time to time. But at least
      when podpress does it, its only to a single blog and rolling back to an
      older version can be done to get back up. When feedburner has caused
      problems, and my users freak out... theres nothing that can be done
      except wait and hope things get fixed soon.

      Now keep in mind, I dont care if people want to use feedburner, and I
      dont have any real animosity toward them. They are a good solution for
      some... but I want people to understand what benefits and what
      heartaches they provide so that users can make informed choices.

      Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

      In God we trust, all others we virus scan.
      Programmer - an organism that turns coffee into software.

      marshallkirkpatrick wrote:
      > Here's a post on how and why to use Feedburner. got enough inbound links that it's the
      > #1 google result for both questions
      > http://marshallk.com/how-and-why-to-use-feedburner
      > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "David Smith" <dbsmith@...> wrote:
      >> It was 1 Jun 2007, when Steven R. Boyett commented:
      >>> <<Wait, Google bought Feedburner -and- Google bought Libsyn?>>
      >>> Wizzard Media bought Libsyn.
      >> Yeah, I figured that out today. Google's provided info on their plans for
      >> Feedburner makes my brain itch; I don't get exactly how things are going
      >> to change there, with all their talk about feed-based advertising. When I
      >> saw a link right on the sign-in page to opt out of the service entirely by
      >> June 15, alarm bells started going off.
      >> And I don't even want to look into this Wizzard Media thing. I like
      >> Feedburner, but I need Libsyn. But maybe it'll all be okay.
      >> <sigh>
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