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  • Todd Cochrane
    Jun 4, 2007
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      I have been pretty vocal about FeedBurner over the past couple of years and
      while I am sure some people are happy with the Google acquisition it does
      bring home some points I have been warning people a long time about. I have
      had at least a 100 emails from podcasters asking me how to get their users
      back on their own feeds on their own domains. I tell them to contact
      FeedBurner about setting up a redirect back to their original feed. But I am
      afraid no mater what those that will quit using their service is going to
      end up loosing listeners over the transition unless they are paying for the
      feeds.mydomain.com service they had.



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      It was 1 Jun 2007, when Steven R. Boyett commented:

      > <<Wait, Google bought Feedburner -and- Google bought Libsyn?>>
      > Wizzard Media bought Libsyn.

      Yeah, I figured that out today. Google's provided info on their plans for
      Feedburner makes my brain itch; I don't get exactly how things are going
      to change there, with all their talk about feed-based advertising. When I
      saw a link right on the sign-in page to opt out of the service entirely by
      June 15, alarm bells started going off.

      And I don't even want to look into this Wizzard Media thing. I like
      Feedburner, but I need Libsyn. But maybe it'll all be okay.


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