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  • David Smith
    Jun 1, 2007
      It was 1 Jun 2007, when Michael W. Dean commented:

      > OK, I've finally decided to take Feedburner seriously....mainly
      > because Google bought them out, and I trust Google not to go out of
      > business.

      Wait, Google bought Feedburner -and- Google bought Libsyn?

      > I went on a created a feed for Submission and Coffee.
      > The automatically generated feed
      > http://feeds.feedburner.com/SubmissionAndCoffeeWithDollieLlamaABdsmCommunit
      > yServicePodcastGlorifyingMarriageThroughPodcastingrat is pretty darned
      > long. Is there any reason NOT to use one that long?

      I don't know for sure if there's an important reason -- but my (rather
      odd) feed reader would probably choke on something that long. I think my
      email clien (Pegasus) managed to truncate it.

      > If not, I'll keep it. I like it because it contains words that might
      > work in a search engine and would, at least, be descriptive of the cast.

      Yeahbut, Feedburner supplies a number of tools to put in more useful tags.

      > I am hesitant to change it because 8 people have already subscribed to the
      > feed and I don't want to lose them. But if it's going to be a logistical
      > problem for any reason, better I suppose to change it now than later.
      > thoughts on leaving it?

      I'd go ahead and shorten it, because I don't think the name of the feed is
      that important for searchable info.

      > I added a Feedburner link to this URL on the site for the podcast. The
      > thing I can't understand is are people only subscribing to it from my link
      > on my site, or do people somehow also subscribe to it from the Feedburner
      > site?

      I forget if you're hosting on Libsyn. I have told Libsyn to point my feed
      address from Libsyn, <http://grizzly.libsyn.com/rss>, to my feed on
      Feedburner -- so subscribers to the former get their feeds from the latter
      in any case. I don' tknow if anyone is still subcribed through the Libsyn
      address, but the feeding is done by Feedburner in any case.

      > I guess I can't really figure out what Feedburner is or what it does,
      > though it does seem to drive traffic to people's podcasts. Can someone give
      > a quick and dirty explanation for me please, or point me to a URL of posts
      > on this board? (I know it's been done on this site before, but I can't find
      > it. A search of "Feedburner" on this board brings up 2994 posts.)

      There are likely features of Feedburner I'm not using right or not aware
      of. Lemme run off from memory what I've found useful:

      . Feed Statistics. Feedburner does an apparently good job of tracking
      who's doing what with my feed and my files. I dunno if the stats miss
      anything, but there sure are a lot of them.

      . Site Statistics. Put a little javascript entry on my Libsyn site, and
      every time someone visits the site, it shows up in site stats on
      Feedburner. Also any time somebody does a search and finds my site (on
      Google, for example), I hear about it in my Site stats. Interesting to
      see what searches I turn up in.

      . Flexibility of feed. Rather than the usual unintelligible XML when one
      clicks on the Feed link, one gets a readable and useable page that allows
      for a vast variety of feed options, including an email feed. I have
      subscribers receiving both my podcast and my (Blogger) blog via email.
      (And all of a sudden, all aspects of my feeds are owned by Google. Don't
      know how I feel about that.)

      . Headline Animators. I have a little widget on both my podcast and blog
      pages with animated displays of the headlines of each, and an option to
      subscribe. If you have other sites wherefrom you could be promoted, you
      could have a headline animator on those sites, and gain new subscribers
      that way.

      . Pinging. Libsyn pings the Big Three agregators. Feedburner pings over
      a dozen (selectable) aggregators and whatnot.

      . "Feed Flares." I can have over a dozen different clickable options
      included in the feed, some for feedback, some for user promotion of the
      show on various discussion venues, some of which I'd never heard of, but I
      guess the Kids These Days know what they are. To me, they clutter the
      feed up a bit, but I guess it's Trendy.

      And there's other stuff that, well, I don't know what they do, or I do but
      don't want to spoil all the suprises. <grin>

      > I guess I'm trying to figure out how to get more listeners, we've been at,
      > average 1200 downloads per episode for several months, it seems to have hit
      > a glass ceiling somehow. Would love to drive it up a bit.
      > Any help figuring all this out is appreciated.

      FWIW, since I average 20 downloads per episode, I dunno if it all scales
      well. But it sure seems like it ought to be useful stuff. Also, since I
      handle both my blog and my podcast through there, I get my stats side-by-
      side, and tools that allow using one to promote the other.

      As I recall, too, you were looking for a way to provide a link to a newer
      show you do that doesn't route through your current "Dollie" weblink. You
      could just point folks to your feedburner feed, which in turn points back
      to your original feed, and provides a bunch of "value added" features.

      I think you'll like it. With a minor caveat: I keep waiting for the other
      shoe to drop, and to find out why Feedburner is a really bad idea. Maybe
      being bought by Google is the other shoe. We'll see.

      Grizzly <grizzly at grizzly.podzone.org>
      The Life and Times of a Minor Local Celebrity
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