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29684Re: Best intermediate-to-advance podcasting how-to book?

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  • Steven R. Boyett
    May 1, 2007
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      I think if you've gotten the basics down, the best thing to do is drop
      the "podcasting" qualifier and go to the music section of Barnes &
      Noble or Borders and start hunting up books on digital mixing &
      mastering. I wish I could recommend one, but the truth is I picked it
      up from years of DJing & composing electronic music, reading magazines
      like crazy, searching out internet tutorials on compression & EQing.
      Electronic Musician and Music Tech are two good sources for
      information, but thumbing through the back catalog might be daunting
      (though they may have a lot of material online).

      There are a ton of good books on digital recording; I'd try to find
      those that emphasize recording vocals (I assume you aren't recording
      music) and search out internet articles on "recording spoken word" &

      Composing, announcing, recording, EQing, mastering, mixing are all
      ridiculously complex subjects, any one of which can be a career unto
      itself. I know a lot more than the average joe and I'm continually
      staggered by how little I know about it.
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