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27707Re: Best practices for recording Skype calls on a Windows PC

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  • Karin
    Mar 1, 2007
      Good question

      I have purchased Skylook, and it works great on pc with Microsoft
      Outlook and gives you This Side and Other Side recording of a Skype
      call - really good quality.

      Skylook also have a lot of other features which makes it worth the

      Karin - podblog.dk

      On Feb 28, 10:44 am, "Radi Shourbaji" <r...@...> wrote:
      > Hello all!
      > The plans for our upcoming podcast call for recording interviews via
      > Skype. To date, we've tried a number solutions including Powergramo that
      > yield :"ok" results in that both parties can be hear clearly. However, the
      > sound is often "tinnny" or flat. Yet I've heard a number of shows done via
      > Skype where both parties sound like they are sitting in the same room with
      > great fidelity.
      > I've seen lots of recommendations for Audio Hijack, but alas its a Mac
      > application. And our requirements call for a Windows/XP (Vista if we *have*
      > to) based solution.
      > So I'm interested in hearing from anyone that has devised a method of
      > recording Skype calls that even remotely approach "broadcast" quality, or
      > even only as good even just plain old analog telephone quality.
      > Thanks!
      > Radi
      > <http://764573.sigclick.mailinfo.com/sigclick/0F070701/07024E05/0B024F...
      > 34012.jpg>
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