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23256RE: [podcasters] Many faces of the PME (was: PME!!!)

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  • Todd Cochrane
    Oct 2, 2006
      We told everyone to try and keep it short as we had 22 people to get through
      and I know how excited everyone can get. We did not take the mic away from
      anyone so she should not feel bad.



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      Subject: Re: [podcasters] Many faces of the PME (was: PME!!!)

      Hey guys -

      After making a little fuss about making sure to meet some of you at the
      convention I have to apologize for doing almost NONE of that. This was for
      no less of a reason than I was traveling with 13 people, 8 of whom were
      teens (ie easily bored and very whiny), for about a week prior to the
      convention and we were downright exhausted by the time Friday came along. We
      had done a live show in Westwood the night before and were basically
      sleepwalking through the exhibit hall and awards; so, if I missed you, I
      apologize and hope to meet you at the next thing. I did have a little
      fangirl attack to meet Dawn of DnD though. The podcast expo looked fun for
      those wholly absorbed in it, but I must confess for those that weren't
      committed to the culture of it, there wasn't *too* much to it; I had a great
      time with the iProng folks at their booth, and got some cool giveaways
      around the floor, but didn't necessarily learn anything about podcasting we
      didn't already know from a year doing it. We had fun at the awards because
      we were able to cheer on our own (Sue from our show accepted our award, and
      those who listen know she is easily the sweetest, most exuberant, most
      genuine person on earth and was downright THRILLED to be going up there to
      get it - so when she ran a bit over due to her downright effervesence she
      was really disheartened that Todd took that moment to remind people to keep
      their speeches short; for someone of her sensibility it was a blow to her

      At the end Todd asked for suggestions on next year's show, so I really have
      to say: Chairs for more than 10% of the crowd would have been really, really
      nice... also, I volunteer to copy edit your site, letters, and program,
      dude. :) I will do it for free, just to be sure the thank you letter doesn't
      essentially start, "We'd like to thank you for attending, we'd like to thank
      you for attending."



      On 10/2/06, George L Smyth <glsmyth@yahoo. <mailto:glsmyth%40yahoo.com> com>
      > --- Evo Terra <evo@podiobooks. <mailto:evo%40podiobooks.com> com
      <evo%40podiobooks.com>> wrote:
      > > > ----- Original Message ----
      > > > From: George L Smyth <glsmyth@yahoo. <mailto:glsmyth%40yahoo.com> com
      > > > I know that PME is not all about drinking, so I'm hoping that someone
      > who
      > > did
      > > > more than that can offer their positive (or negative) experiences
      > outside
      > > of
      > > > that area. Podcastercon 2006 (which unfortunately may not happen until
      > Fall
      > > > 2007) was an excellent opportunity for networking and learning, and
      > that's
      > > > where my personal interest lies.
      > >
      > > Geo,
      > >
      > > While I did a significant amount of partying at the conference, I did a
      > > lot more networking, a bit of learning and quite a bit of "deal making".
      > >
      > > The talk Steve Eley and I gave on "Podcasting the Written Word" was well
      > > attended and, judging from the reaction of the audience and several
      > > comments received by attendees afterwards, well received. My wife (and
      > > fellow podcaster on The Dragon Page With Class) spent much of her show
      > > time in a variety of panels and lectures focusing on podcasting and
      > > education and reported that much knowledge was derived during said
      > sessions.
      > >
      > > The networking opportunities are simply stellar. As stated, it is *the*
      > > place to be in podcasting, and everyone I found was more than happy to
      > > carve out some personal one-on-one time to share with another. I'll be
      > > transcribing business cards for a few weeks.
      > >
      > > The PME is also a great place, IMHO, to get some "business" done. I
      > > managed to corner Rob Greenlee from Melodeo for 15 minutes and we worked
      > > out a kink in the system rather quickly.
      Podiobooks.com<http://podiobooks. <http://podiobooks.com/> com/>titles will
      > > start showing up to his user base very soon. I met up with the smart
      > > guys from PodcodcastVoices in the UK and will have a proposal on their
      > > desk in a few days. Firmed up some loose ends with Kiptronic and LibSyn,
      > > provided insight on an in-development business plan and lined up a few
      > > post-convention interviews.
      > >
      > > It's also an incredible place to get some partying done. The nice thing
      > > is -- you can do both! The parties aren't all about drinking, though a
      > > considerable amount of ETOH in various forms was consumed by many of the
      > > attendees. But don't get the impression it was a drunken frat party.
      > > There certainly were "intense" moments of many parties, but if that's
      > > not your style, drift down the hall to the next, and perhaps more low
      > > key, event. Or better yet, turn in early so your fresh for the next day.
      > > Gods know I certainly should have. :)
      > >
      > > Put the PME on your list for next year. As you say, "it's not all about
      > > drinking". If Father Roderick can attend (Super nice guy. Huge scifi
      > > geek. We talked for quite a while.) the same conference and both walk
      > > around with huge smiles on our faces, there must be enough of "the good
      > > stuff" for everyone involved.
      > Evo -
      > Thanks, good information. For those of us on the other side of the
      > country,
      > just getting there is not a simple matter. I don't think either of my
      > podcasts
      > will ever become a business, but I can see where if that were to happen
      > then
      > PME would be a necessity. I would like an opportunity to meet more folks
      > (I
      > met a bunch at Podcastercon) and may get than chance in Pittsburgh, but do
      > know
      > that PME is THE place to be for this.
      > Cheers -
      > george
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