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23155Re: [podcasters] Re: PME II!!!

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  • Matthew Wayne Selznick
    Oct 2, 2006
      On 10/1/06, michael <kittyfeet70@...> wrote:
      > Ahhhhh.....It's not like we took seats away from paying
      > customers....There were plenty of seats, and we stayed only a few
      > minutes at each one.

      Pretty hard to develop an informed opinion on two days of conferences
      with several different topic tracks when you only spend a few minutes
      in a handful of sessions over the course of a few hours. Takes the
      weight out of your "mumbo jumbo" comment.

      > I kinda look at it like downloading trial
      > software to see what I'll buy next year. (Though I'll probably not be
      > allowed next year, even if I pay.)

      If that's how you look at it, all you did was start the software and
      look at the splash screen.

      It doesn't matter that there were seats available. By your logic,
      it's okay to shoplift so long as there are still some things there for
      other people to buy.

      > Did you really have to pay even though you were a speaker? I've never
      > heard of something like that at a convention. I always get a full
      > ticket when I'm asked to speak at a convention, at least.

      Speakers were comped for the show... and I would not be surprised if
      Todd didn't pay anyway because *he supports the community.*

      > Anyway, I'm sure there were some good ones, and I'm just a persnickity
      > johnny-come-lately who's been podcasting for about six weeks. Ignore me.

      That's getting easier and easier to do.

      Matthew Wayne Selznick

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