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23152Re: [podcasters] Re: PME II!!!

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  • Matthew Wayne Selznick
    Oct 2, 2006
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      On 10/1/06, michael <kittyfeet70@...> wrote:
      > I didn't pay either, but it was pretty easy to sneak into them....We
      > just acted like we were supposed to be there and walked into a few of
      > the sessions. Usual tech convention "wave of the future" marketing
      > mumbo jumbo you'd expect.

      I skipped the conferences because I felt I'd get the most value out of
      the conversations in the hall, in the bar after, in the suite parties,
      etc. I didn't "not pay" because I thought I could drift into them
      like a teenager hopping movies on a Saturday afternoon.

      This conference isn't put together by some faceless corporate monster.
      Tim Bourquin is a podcaster himself, and he works his ass off
      organizing this remarkable event. In other words, he's a peer, and
      taking advantage of the conference is exactly the same as
      disrespecting one of your colleagues.

      Not my idea of DIY, Mike. I'm disappointed.

      Matthew Wayne Selznick

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