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23145Re: [podcasters] Many faces of the PME (was: PME!!!)

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  • George L Smyth
    Oct 2, 2006
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      --- Evo Terra <evo@...> wrote:

      > > ----- Original Message ----
      > > From: George L Smyth <glsmyth@...>
      > > I know that PME is not all about drinking, so I'm hoping that someone who
      > did
      > > more than that can offer their positive (or negative) experiences outside
      > of
      > > that area. Podcastercon 2006 (which unfortunately may not happen until Fall
      > > 2007) was an excellent opportunity for networking and learning, and that's
      > > where my personal interest lies.
      > Geo,
      > While I did a significant amount of partying at the conference, I did a
      > lot more networking, a bit of learning and quite a bit of "deal making".
      > The talk Steve Eley and I gave on "Podcasting the Written Word" was well
      > attended and, judging from the reaction of the audience and several
      > comments received by attendees afterwards, well received. My wife (and
      > fellow podcaster on The Dragon Page With Class) spent much of her show
      > time in a variety of panels and lectures focusing on podcasting and
      > education and reported that much knowledge was derived during said sessions.
      > The networking opportunities are simply stellar. As stated, it is *the*
      > place to be in podcasting, and everyone I found was more than happy to
      > carve out some personal one-on-one time to share with another. I'll be
      > transcribing business cards for a few weeks.
      > The PME is also a great place, IMHO, to get some "business" done. I
      > managed to corner Rob Greenlee from Melodeo for 15 minutes and we worked
      > out a kink in the system rather quickly. Podiobooks.com titles will
      > start showing up to his user base very soon. I met up with the smart
      > guys from PodcodcastVoices in the UK and will have a proposal on their
      > desk in a few days. Firmed up some loose ends with Kiptronic and LibSyn,
      > provided insight on an in-development business plan and lined up a few
      > post-convention interviews.
      > It's also an incredible place to get some partying done. The nice thing
      > is -- you can do both! The parties aren't all about drinking, though a
      > considerable amount of ETOH in various forms was consumed by many of the
      > attendees. But don't get the impression it was a drunken frat party.
      > There certainly were "intense" moments of many parties, but if that's
      > not your style, drift down the hall to the next, and perhaps more low
      > key, event. Or better yet, turn in early so your fresh for the next day.
      > Gods know I certainly should have. :)
      > Put the PME on your list for next year. As you say, "it's not all about
      > drinking". If Father Roderick can attend (Super nice guy. Huge scifi
      > geek. We talked for quite a while.) the same conference and both walk
      > around with huge smiles on our faces, there must be enough of "the good
      > stuff" for everyone involved.

      Evo -

      Thanks, good information. For those of us on the other side of the country,
      just getting there is not a simple matter. I don't think either of my podcasts
      will ever become a business, but I can see where if that were to happen then
      PME would be a necessity. I would like an opportunity to meet more folks (I
      met a bunch at Podcastercon) and may get than chance in Pittsburgh, but do know
      that PME is THE place to be for this.

      Cheers -



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