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  • Martin McKeay
    Oct 2, 2006
      PodCamp: Me! Provided I can get the boss (wife) to let me.

      PME II:
      I'd like to add my voice to those saying the primary value of PME II was in
      the interactions with other podcasters, meeting people face to face and
      exploring the future of podcasting with the people who are helping it get
      there. None, or at least very little, of that happened in the conference
      hall, it happened in the bar, by the pool and in the hotel rooms. To me,
      this was worth the price of admission, even if I'd never gone to any of the

      I only made it to three of the classes and one of the keynote speeches;
      Leo's was too crowded and they closed the doors. Two of the classes were
      aimed at beginning and less experienced podcasters, though I brought home at
      least several points from each one. The third one, Interviewing Techniques,
      was a bit rough, not because of the speaker, but because she had a message
      some podcasters didn't want to hear: we're making a lot of interviewing
      mistakes. Several times when people asked, "How do I do X?", her answer
      was, "You don't, if you want to have a successful, professional interview".
      At least one person took this attitude badly.

      If you went to PME to party, that's what you got out of it. But if you went
      to meet people and talk about podcasting, the content in the hallways was
      more than worth the time and money. I wouldn't advise anyone to sneak into
      the buildings to attend, but I felt that I got my money's worth even if I
      hadn't attended a single talk. I've already told my wife I'm going again
      next year, and while she doesn't quite understand why, she does understand
      the passion I came away from the Expo with.


      PS. Paul is great efforts for the community in creating the Podcast Guild.
      He deserves a round of thanks for the work he's taking on.

      Martin McKeay, CISSP, CCNA
      The Network Security Podcast
      YIM: mmckeay@...

      On 10/2/06, Paul Puri <prp6040@...> wrote:
      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: George L Smyth <glsmyth@...>
      > I know that PME is not all about drinking, so I'm hoping that someone who
      > did
      > more than that can offer their positive (or negative) experiences outside
      > of
      > that area. Podcastercon 2006 (which unfortunately may not happen until
      > Fall
      > 2007) was an excellent opportunity for networking and learning, and that's
      > where my personal interest lies.
      > ----------------------------
      > George,
      > You will get many different views as to what the expo was about for them.
      > I did a little drinking. The amount of drinks I consumed could be counted
      > with just one hand. But I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking.
      > I went to the PME to represent the Podcast Guild, make friends, network,
      > and strengthen relationships. Mission accomplished. I got to meet Mr. Eley,
      > Mr. Selznick, Mr. Cochrane, Miss Peter, and an assortment of trouble makers
      > from this list. The Guild had its first face to face meeting, I played a
      > card game until 4am, and I got to participate in a Slice of Sci Fi show. I
      > attended parties, hung out and chatted for hours, met software and hardware
      > vendors, and fell asleep in strange places. I would highly recommend
      > attending next year George, and I would look forward to meeting you.
      > Here is to all the friends I made this year, and I look forward to next
      > year, and the years to come.
      > Who is going to Podcamp San Francisco?
      > Paul Puri
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