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23077Re: [podcasters] PME II!!!

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  • George L Smyth
    Oct 1, 2006
      --- Matthew Wayne Selznick <mwselznick@...> wrote:

      > One giant, grateful, heart-felt, love-filled, exhausted, voice-gone
      > shout-out to everyone on the list I had the pleasure to meet at the
      > Portable Media and Podcast Expo 2006!
      > Once I process, I'll be posting an overview at my blog... suffice to
      > say it was twice as big and twenty times the celebration as PME 2005.
      > Can a convention be warm and fuzzy? Apparently.
      > Please, please, please, everyone... if you haven't made it yet, I urge
      > you to attend PME 2007. It's worth every moment.

      Matthew -

      I've heard a lot of good stories about the parties and people getting drunk, so
      it sounds like a good time. However, I have yet to hear any comments on the
      sessions, which is where my interest would be, which is why I think I may try
      to get to Podcamp in Pittsburgh.

      Were any of the educational portions of the event worthwhile?

      Cheers -



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