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21830Re: [podcasters] GARAGE BAND

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  • Alan Wheatley
    Aug 30, 2006
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      Hi Crayon,

      You might have a look at the little mVox speaker/phone which you can
      pick up from Radio Shack pretty cheap.
      Just plug it in to your Mac Book and you can record and listen.

      I'm far away from you in miles (Melbourne, Australia) and years (76).
      But I enjoyed your podcast.
      The first track was great.

      I edit an online magazine for seniors, but my grandson Billie's a DJ.
      So I guess I'm a re-tread.

      Hoping to start podcasting myself a little later this year.

      Stay healthy, Crayon.


      On 31/08/2006, at 5:33 AM, blacknblue52 wrote:

      > I podcast with the Garage Band version 3.0 on my Mac Book and it works
      > out fine, except i'm using the internal mic. Whats a good external
      > mic to use for straight off your lap top, no mixxer or nothing (i want
      > to be able to record anywhere i can open up my Mac Book)
      > oh and if you wana hear my podcast i jus tput up my 5th episode on
      > PodShow, http://nep.podshow.com

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