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21241Re: [podcasters] Recording interviews

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  • Jon Jacob
    Aug 2, 2006
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      Do a search on the internet for WavePad. That should be sufficient for your needs.

      I have in the past experienced trouble getting Skype calls to be recorded on a PC ....

      --- LARRY WANGER <lsw999@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > As someone who works all of the time I find it difficult to arrange for interviews outside of my
      > normal working hours. This especially complicates interviewing people for my show that are on
      > the east coast. I wouldn't have much of a problem recording interviews at work given the right
      > tools which leads me to my question.
      > When I record shows at home I use my Mac and either record directly through the wall jack for
      > phone calls or use Skipe and Audio Hijack to record. However, at work I'm using a PC and don't
      > have a "normal" phone set up. I've got a situation where we use VOIP service and the phone
      > literally plugs in to the computer network. Can someone recommend something that will enable me
      > to record at work? What is free to install on a PC that would allow me to use Skipe to record
      > calls? Alternatively, is there a simple way to record phone calls through our phone system?
      > Hope this isn't too confusing.
      > Thanks.
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      > Podcast.
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