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    Aug 1 8:49 PM
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      As someone who works all of the time I find it difficult to arrange for interviews outside of my normal working hours. This especially complicates interviewing people for my show that are on the east coast. I wouldn't have much of a problem recording interviews at work given the right tools which leads me to my question.

      When I record shows at home I use my Mac and either record directly through the wall jack for phone calls or use Skipe and Audio Hijack to record. However, at work I'm using a PC and don't have a "normal" phone set up. I've got a situation where we use VOIP service and the phone literally plugs in to the computer network. Can someone recommend something that will enable me to record at work? What is free to install on a PC that would allow me to use Skipe to record calls? Alternatively, is there a simple way to record phone calls through our phone system?

      Hope this isn't too confusing.


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