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21208Re: [podcasters] unchanged feed but listeners experiencing repeat downloads

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  • George L Smyth
    Aug 1, 2006
      --- Charles Hodgson <charles@...> wrote:

      > I have heard from a number of my listeners over the last several weeks
      > that their podcatchers are re-downloading past episodes of
      > podictionary. I have not made any changes to the feed (other than new
      > posts). Has anyone else experienced this problem? I wondered if it
      > might be that my rss file was getting too big (300+ episodes) but one
      > of my listeners seemed to be seeing this with the weekly (only about
      > 60 episodes). Libsyn is generating my feeds and I don't see anyone on
      > their board or here complaining of this problem. I assume since I've
      > heard from several listeners that it must be happening to many more.

      Charles -

      I see that your feed is coming directly from Libsyn, so I am wondering if you
      have changed anything recently. I use Libsyn and point to it from Feedburner.
      Back in April, the names of my mp3 files were being changed from EMix###.mp3 to
      EclecticMix###.mp3, then a couple of months ago they were changed again to
      something else (I don't remember, but it had nothing to do with my naming

      When I returned from vacation last Monday I found out that anyone using iPodder
      (like me) or Juice (like me, at work) could not download my show (I couldn't
      download my show, as well as several others). The workaround was to uncheck
      the two boxes in the Feedburner StandardStats section. For whatever reason,
      that changed the filenames back to EMix###.mp3, which was my naming convention.
      The next morning I had downloaded all of my shows back to April.

      So this is apparently a one-time thing, and I've seen it with a few other
      podcasts to which I subscribe. I don't know if this is a Libsyn or Feedburner
      thing, but was assuming the latter.

      So anyone using Feedburner should look at the second paragraph and take the
      appropriate action, unless you don't have a problem shutting out the
      iPodder/Juice people (like me <g>).

      Cheers -



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