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19836Re: Getting Artwork to display in iTunes/FireAnt

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  • dave_r_riley
    Jun 7, 2006
      > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Noe" <noebie@> wrote:
      > >
      > > i'm not sure audacity has a field for artwork in its id3 editor
      > > /FireAnt
      > > as posted above, you can do it in itunes

      Yeah Audacity has a crude and cumbersome ID tag editor which won't
      handle art work and has an annoying and limited genre list option. I
      was wondering about this question too -- ie: about adding the artwork
      --and iTunes will do the job --unfortunately!-- as the Big Gorilla has
      to be fired up just for a quick ID edit. ..and I gather you have to
      import the file into the iTunes library to edit the tags, then upload
      from the iTunes default library folder.

      This is right, eh?

      You learn somthing new everyday...

      But hey! It works. Why go chasing another editor with bells and
      whistles on it you don't need when you have iTunes -- IF only for
      Quick Time (if not using Quick Time Alternative) or IF only for
      checking your listing in the Big Music Store.

      Just on the FireAnt thing about changing the file names...when you use
      the "Media Items" option or review your podcasts in 'Library'
      there's no change in what you get to read. In fact the information
      delivered is much more comprehensive than other podcatchers, I've
      used, as it relies on the Show Notes.

      "Library" also arranges your Mp3 downloads into either audio or video;
      and then by day they were downloaded .And I find the "Save AS" option
      as a susbtitute for synching works fine when I load up my iRiver.

      Of course if you try to do it another way -- by using another program
      to synch, after downloading your files to FireAnt, then you are in
      trouble as the new file names, where they occur, will be confusing to

      dave riley
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