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193Re: [podcasters] Re: The Al Franken Show

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  • Matt Sweeney
    Oct 27, 2004
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      On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:00:32 -0700, Jason Evangelho
      <jasonevangelho@...> wrote:
      > Oh no...it sucked. My ears were bleeding about 5 minutes in. It's
      > great that they are podcasting their shows, but I think they need a
      > trip through Podcast University, or maybe just some general audio
      > education. lol.

      Acctually, Air America (the radio network which distributes Al's show)
      has nothing to do with that. It is coming from Air America Place.
      Just a fan who records the shows and turns them into mp3's. Not sure
      about this broadcast, but the one I heard a week or two ago was radio
      quality. Probably just a fluke.

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