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1901Recording Hardware Questions

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  • walter
    Feb 1, 2005

      I want to make reasonable quality podcasts using my dell inspiron 8001
      laptop. I am doing this now using my laptop directly (no mike) and
      also using an iPod with a griffin iTalk which is better than the Dell
      (no fan noise interruptions). I use Audacity software for editing.

      The main content is interviews and conversations.

      I need to take this a step on, the quality now is not so hot.
      Apparently I can use the iPod with linux installed and get 96kHz
      recording... I am exploring that.

      After a lot of surfing and talking to people in shops I am looking at
      two of products:

      M-audio Fast Track USB $US 99 and the RODE NT1A Studio Condenser
      Microphone with Shock Mount $US 199 - $300 all up and the money is an

      Am I on the right track?

      Do you think the mike would work with the hacked ipod? Is there a
      need for an adaptor to get it going?

      What would be a cheaper option - with what loss of functionality - and
      what would be a better option? At what if any extra cost?

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