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18275Re: [podcasters] Three questions!

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  • George L Smyth
    Apr 1, 2006
      --- Nic <nicobaird@...> wrote:

      > Hi!
      > First of all thank you for everybody in the group, I am learning more
      > and more every single day!
      > 1. Where can I find some great free podsafe music?

      Of course you can find a plethora of genres by listening to Eclectic Mix
      (http://EclecticMix.com), but one place for finding music would be
      http://music.podshow.com/ and another would be http://Magnatune.com.

      > 2. Would everybody please put some promo files online, I would love
      > to promote the podcasts of the members of this group in or podcasts.


      > 3. Last question is if there are any South African Podcasters in this
      > group, I would love to make contact with them!

      There is a Zimbabwe podcast at http://podcasternews.com/details.php?N=989, so
      perhaps that's close.

      Cheers -



      Eclectic Mix - http://EclecticMix.com
      DRiP Investing - http://DRiPInvesting.org
      Handmade Photographic Images - http://www.GLSmyth.com
      The Prudent Investor - http://podcasternews.com/details.php?P=21
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